Can you cope without caffeine? – 27/02/2018

9am lectures. Summative stress. Exam revision. There are many reasons that you may need a boost, and if there’s one thing that students are reliant upon, it is a caffeinated beverage. Many students can’t face the day without their morning cup of coffee, whether this is barista brewed in Unio or an at home instant. Student’s reliance on coffee appears to have become recognised across the university. You can’t walk around a corner or in fact walk down Chancellor’s Drive, without seeing a coffee shop. The library even has coffee machines inside to give you your caffeine fix in an instant.

Drinking coffee is both an individual thing to do but also something social. Coffee provides an avenue to meet up with others to discuss last night’s Damn Good, to go on a date or to prepare for a seminar workshop.

But when did we make the transition from our morning brew being the traditional cup of tea to a steaming cup of Joe? Coffee has become a part of student lifestyle with big corporate companies such as Starbucks becoming trendy and a part of our culture. Coffee culture is epitomized by American sitcoms – shows such as Friends and Gilmore Girls amongst others feature characters dependent on coffee. It’s become trendy to drink coffee, a fashion statement almost. Holding a coffee cup is the equivalent of declaring you’re sleep deprived and stressed.

There appears to be a correlation between the amount of work students have due and the amount of coffee that is consumed. We all know the drill, exam season strikes, the queue at Unio becomes twice as long and every desk in the library has a coffee cup on it. Whatever the case, it’s apparent that students depend on coffee to get through their daily grind.


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