Gig proposals cute or cringey? Cringey – 13/02/2018

Imagine the scene, heart racing, music pumping through the speakers. You’re waiting for the lights to go down and the music to begin. Suddenly a man stumbles on the stage and grasps the microphone. No, it’s not a band member, and they’re too nervous to be a part of the set up crew. The whole crowd is perplexed, it is silent and awkward. Oh God it’s a proposal. Bent down on the sticky stage floor, ring in hand, waffling about how he and his partner are destined to be together. It is all too much. You came here for music, not for a soap opera.

It’s all well and good declaring your love for one another, but there’s no reason to make a spectacle out of yourself in front of hundreds of strangers. It also makes all the people at the gig uncomfortable and ruins the amazing atmosphere associated with attending a music concert. As someone speaking from experience, you feel obliged to clap and smile, even though you’d rather not. You’ve paid a good £20 to be here and enjoy yourself, not watch an extreme episode of PDA.

Sure, its brilliant if your partner says yes but what if you popping the question leads to a heart wrenching public rejection and spoils all your memories of your favourite band. Every time you hear a song, suddenly you’re back standing, all eyes on you. It’s simply not worth it.

So if you’re planning on proposing to that special someone, take a minute to think it through. A music concert probably isn’t the best place; it’s not the intimate setting your loved one imagined. It’s just cringey.



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