The Arctic Who? – 30/01/2018

Finally it’s here, word of a brand spanking new Arctic Monkeys album! The band’s return to the music scene was announced by featuring on the line up of Firefly Music Festival this June alongside The Killers and Eminem amongst others.

New music from the famous Sheffield based band has been highly anticipated and has some very large boots to fill. After five album releases, the Arctic Monkeys don’t fail to disappoint. Hit singles feature in each of the band albums, particularly AM that featured the hit songs Do I Wanna Know? And R U Mine?

Since the release of AM in 2013, Alex Turner has furthered his solo career by writing the music for the film ‘Submarine’ directed by Richard Ayoade (the man, the legend).  The successful side project has a 87% score on Rotten Tomatoes.  Turner has been busy recording a second album for the Last Shadow Puppets with Miles Kane that was released in 2016. The sizable gap between the release of new music from the Last shadow puppets let alone the Arctic Monkeys mean we are long over due a smash hit to play on repeat in the LCR.

The progression of Alex Turner’s solo career in recent years, and the rise in his individual popularity has lead me to question if the Arctic Monkeys are still as relevant as a rock band or if the majority of the excitement is placed on Turner himself.

If we look at the long and successful history of previous Arctic Monkey releases we should expect nothing but greatness. However, the die-hard 16 year old fan within me hopes that the band stay true to their indie rock routes and don’t try to reinvent their sound too much.



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