Prince Charles’ History a cause for concern – 20/11/2017

We can all agree that The Queen is a symbol, something recognised across the work as iconically British. She’s 95, her portrait features on all our coins and stamps. Is it time for a change?

The possibility of having Prince Charles as our next Monarch is quite a political conundrum. His political campaigns and meddling with the government have caused controversy over the last few decades and quite frankly, is no longer taken seriously in the media. The satirical cartoons are endless.

History has shown that when the monarch gets too involved in politics, the public unrest and it leads to political turmoil and even revolution. Obviously, times have changed and The Monarch has nowhere near the same amount of political influence as they did in previous centuries, however Prince Charles’ history in campaigning and being active politically is cause for concern. As a student who has studied politics in the past, I am aware of Charles’ unconventional attitude to politics and trying to work beyond his role as prince. In his interview with the BBC, Prince Charles said that he would not continue pursuing political campaigns but he also referred to being king as a role, to which would be completely differently to being Prince of Wales. Does the use of the term role indicate that the Prince views something about being monarch as fake?

Historically, since the Prime Minister became embedded into the political world, The Monarch has taken a backseat in the running of the country, only completing ceremonial tasks. The annual Christmas speech and giving out the invitation for the winner of the majority on the general election to form a government are a few of these tasks, but I think Charles would prefer a more active political role.

Prince William, unlike his father has maintained a very safe distance for the government and politics in general. Prince William is seen to be more publicly relatable, he married Kate Middleton, a woman seen as a commoner in the yes of the monarchy and their children have become a marvel in the media, making the whole nation broody. The nation’s favour to the younger members of the royal family, Prince Harry is another prime example, since marrying the actress Meghan Markle, and announcing their pregnancy has secured them a place in the nation’s heart.

The younger generation of The Monarchy is clearly more progressive and open minded, a better fit for the way society looks today.  This being said, I don’t think that the Prince of Wales would step away from the crown and hand his son the reigns. We will see Prince Charles on our coins and our stamps, there is no question.

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