Double Denim – 04/11/2018

Double denim has a hefty reputation, you hear double denim and you shudder. Images of faded blue on faded blue fill your mind. Cowboys or 90’s teenagers; it’s the stuff of nightmares.

More recently, double denim has moved away from being the fashion crime that was prominent in the 80’s and has become a fashion trend. Denim has adopted a larger variety of colours, straying from its classic blue; you can now buy a piece of denim clothing in any colour you chose. As well as evolving in colour, denim is no longer just restricted to jeans. You can now buy skirts, jackets, shirts, shorts and dungarees in funky colours and patterns. Think of any coloured denim jacket and it’s out there for you to spend your student loan on!

Whether it’s buttercup yellow or a vibrant red, denim now enables you to express your personality and walk the streets in style. This is vital now we are deep in autumn, expressing yourself whilst keeping cozy and warm has become ever important. We no longer need to freeze in the name of fashion; the fur-lined denim jacket is at the rescue!

Some companies are now selling matching denim co-ords in the form of a jacket and a skirt or a pair of shorts. They’re flying off the shelves and appearing all over social media, celebrities such as Dani Dyer, this year’s Love Island Winner was seen wearing a hot pink double denim co-ord on the show.  Other celebrities such as Kanye West and Rihanna have also be photographed wearing double denim, showing that double denim has become an A-list fashion statement. If it’s on the sidewalks in LA why can’t we see it all over Chancellor’s Drive in UEA?

Double Denim doesn’t even need to break the bank, reasonable quality denim is sold from Topshop to Primark and many online only stores – double denim is now accessible to all! The look is suitable from nights out in town, dancing in the LCR, dates and even suitable for going to your seminars. Whatever you think, double denim is back in our wardrobes with a vengeance.

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