New Year, New Me? – 16/01/2019

2019! Finally here we are, but does the new year mean it is time for us to make some changes? The beginning of a new year often means many of us evaluate our lives and create a list of things we would like to change, ranging from our appearance, to our diet, to any aspect of our lifestyle.

What are the most popular New Year’s Resolutions? Last year, the Telegraph created a poll to expose the most common resolutions. The poll revealed that 38 percent voted to exercise more and coming in a close second at 33 percent was the goal of losing weight. Recently, there’s been a shift from setting resolutions, to placing a focus on setting goals. Setting goals is encouraged as it creates a positive outlook on what you’re attempting to achieve. Examples of setting goals are to get more sleep, eat healthier meals and to save money. All of these goals encourage you to be active in achieve your goal, rather than being preventative and restrictive, e.g. save money instead of spending less.

When taking a closer look at the top two resolutions, it is important to recognise the difference between exercising more and losing weight. Both have a similar result, and lead to a better body image. Exercising more can be seen as a goal, whereas losing weight places a restriction on your lifestyle, in this case it restricts what you eat or how much you eat. and many other websites emphasise the importance of setting goals and not resolutions. identifies that you need to be specific when setting your goal as this gives you something clear to work towards. They also encourage you to write down your goals as this is proven to make you more motivated.

Bringing setting goals back to students, we frequently post about wanting to spend less money, to cut down on drinking and to be more organised. With’s ideas in mind, this year students should set themselves goals instead of restrictive New Year’s Resolutions. Switch the ever-popular resolution to lose weight into the goal of exercising, or to eat healthily, in turn these resolutions will lead to weight loss. Other examples of switching resolutions to goals are to switch eat less junk food to eat more healthily and watch less television/Netflix to read more. It is clear that setting goals inspire you to achieve better rather than deflate you if you don’t quite succeed at the beginning of your goal’s journey.

Another way to enforce change is to introduce the change slowly into your lifestyle. If you decide you want to cut down on how many coffees you drink, maybe cut down one at a time instead of cutting it out completely.

Other new year trends, such as Veganuary can be seen as an achievable goal. Veganuary incorporates many of the traditional New Year’s Resolutions in this new and trend lifestyle. The vegan diet encourages you to eat healthily, by taking part in Veganuary, you are effectively making the goal of eating healthily and losing weight.

Taking up Veganuary or any other goal to complete in the new year is now easier to complete than ever. As long as you go about achieving your goal in a positive and achievable way, you are reducing the possibility of failing in the new year.

 provides recipes and a starter kit, making it easy and achievable to take part. It debunks the myths that one person going vegan in fact does make a difference, and that lots of vegan food exist out there, and are already staples in your ordinary diets, such as peanut butter, most bread, dried pasta, baked beans and even Oreos. The list goes on.


Just in time for Veganuary, many high-street shops have released new vegan products. Making a big splash on social media, is Greggs vegan sausage roll. Vegan ready meals are now available in most supermarkets, and oat milk is now rising quickly as the nation’s favourite dairy-alternative milk.


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