Nightline Awareness Week – 5/12/2018

With UK student satisfaction at an all time low, it is ever important that Students feel like they have somewhere to talk about their struggles. Nightline Awareness Week has promoted the listening service Nightline within the university. Nightline Awareness Week hoped to encourage people to be heard and raise publicity of the service, spreading the message that mental health matters.

The week has included Friendly Runners Club, a quiz, a knitting session with Knit Soc and  a film night in association with the Cinema Society. Bananas have been handed out in the Hive and the Nightline Bear has been spotted all over campus. Each event is targeted towards increased wellbeing; eating healthily, relaxing and physical activity to relieve stress. It is important to remember that there are activities on campus to help you blow off steam.

Nightline Awareness Week certainly has increased awareness for the service but more importantly increased the amount the people are talking about their mental health. During the Knitting Society session almost everyone said they took up knitting because it relieved the stress of doing their college or uni work. This emphasises how important doing activities that offer relief and allow you to relax are. It was clear that the group enjoyed making something, as they felt productive. But it’s important to note that it also offered a welcomed distraction, especially now that every course has entered Summative Season.

Jake Goddard, a nightline representation told me “I think that awareness week has gone very well. Nightline is better known to students now than it was the week before, and for us, every extra person who knows about our service makes all the difference. By encouraging students to ‘be heard’, we hope to have empowered people to think about how they may be feeling, and to understand that nightline is always there to listen.

As with everything there is always room for improvement and we hope that next year’s awareness week will be bigger and better than any before. Things like this are always important for a service like Nightline.

Hopefully next year’s we will finally get a permanent office space that suits the purposes and practices of our anonymous service, until then, we will continue to serve the students of UEA and NUA as best as we can with our temporary provisions.”

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