Graduating at the Sportspark (not published) – 16/01/2019

Last year, many students complained about their graduation ceremony being held at Carrow Road instead of Congregation Hall on campus. This year, the ceremony has been declared to be held at the Haydn Morris Hall within the Sportspark, which has also led to some discontent.

Most of the discontent has stemmed from the idea that the Sportspark is a less ‘flashy’, less aesthetic venue. However, the transition has led to some practical perks for UEA’s class of 2019. The venue is closer to campus meaning it will be closer to students houses, therefore parking on the day will be less hassle and more available. The move to the Sportspark also means that students will be on campus to take pictures with the UEA Broad, the rabbits or whilst flinging their mortarboards in the air.

The change in venue has also increased the amount of tickets you can have. The increase from two guests to three now means that students can be surrounded by more close family and friends. If you want any more than three guests, the UEA Portal states that if there are any extra tickets a ballot will be held in May to allocate them, or alternatively the will be a live stream of the ceremony held in the Thomas Paine Study Centre.

Although the change from Carrow Road to the Haydn Morris Hall in the Sportspark has come a surprise to many, the additional ticket and closer proximity to campus means that the day of your graduation should run more smoothly and be more enjoyable.

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