Pale Waves album review – 09/10/2018

Pale Waves – My Mind Makes Noises.  5/5 stars

After falling in love with Pale Waves’ track ‘The Tide’ earlier this year, I was eagerly anticipating their debut album and expecting big things.  As a band, Pale Waves offers something refreshing to the indie scene with a female lead. You can’t help but be intoxicated by lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie’s voice and the band’s mix of indie pop and indie rock (similar to The 1975).With a lot to live up to, Pale Waves debut album does not disappoint.

I first discovered the track ‘Eighteen’ whilst listening to Radio One and have not been able to get the track out of my head since. ‘Eighteen’ has been discussed as having similarities to the 2012 single ‘Clarity’ by Zedd and Foxes, further adding to the debut album’s publicity.  However instead of being regarded as a reason to dislike the new track (if you’re put off by the link to a mainstream DJ), this proves that Pale Waves provide an upbeat sound, cutting through the mostly melancholic indie crowd.

Other songs that stand out as absolute bangers alongside ‘Eighteen’ are, ‘There’s a Honey’ and ‘Television Romance’. My personal pick is ‘Came in Close’. The songs on the album run into one another, perfect for listening to as background music whilst working or for the commute onto campus. The album covers the typical romance/ heartbreak that most indie albums do buts its refreshing to listen to songs that also cover other emotions like grief. The song ‘Karl (I wonder what its like to die)’ talks of a brother dying and although it isn’t the best song ever written, it provides a nostalgic tone and a sentimental closing to the album. My Mind Makes Noises has flooded my Spotify and will be on repeat well into the winter.

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