The sound of love – 13/02/19

Almost every song written is about love. Whether it is about heart break or the existence of soulmates, there is a song out there for you and your partner. There’s no escaping music and the emotional effect it holds on you and your relationship. Music can help you build an emotional relationship with your partner and also help you to express your feelings to one another.

Music holds a lot of meaning inside of its lyrics and the metaphors inside them. It is no surprise that music has a large role within relationships. Many couples have a special song that resonates with them. Alongside every big event within a relationship is a song; the song playing in the club when you first kissed, the song playing in the restaurant on your anniversary or the song playing during your first dance at your wedding. Whatever stage you are at in your relationship, music helps us to remember the milestones within our relationships in a special and meaningful way.

There are also several activities surrounding music that make for good dates. Going to the LCR or the Waterfront for a gig can be a special event, particularly if the band you see had a song which is significant to you. Listening to music whilst cooking together, studying together and travelling together helps to create meaningful memories and cement your relationship. Even going to karaoke is a fun date idea surrounding music (if your partner’s sing =ing isn’t too terrible). Music is closely linked to emotions: most people sing when they are happy and singing together is a way to have fun and strengthen your relationship.

We find ourselves placing music at the centre of love and relationships because it is another way of expressing our feelings. Being emotionally available and transparent is an important aspect of a relationship and music is a fitting way to display to your partner how you feel.

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