Working with words event returns – 26/02/19

The Working With Words Conference is held annually, hosting over 40 speakers in a conference spanning one day. This year it will be held on 2nd March, you can sign up via Career’s Central. The speakers at the conference range from experience professionals who lead in their field but also UEA graduates just starting our on their careers.

The sessions begin at 09:30am and runs until 5:00pm, enabling you to gain a deep insight into different professions. The general themes of the conference are Journalism, Publishing, PR & Communications, Marketing and Film & TV.

The conference last year was cancelled due to bad weather, so this year is a fantastic way to go and hear about what it is like to work with the Creative Industries. You can select which sessions you partake in, allowing you to tailor the day to your particular interests.

Authors such as Leo Hunt and Hayley Long will be speaking in the Author, Agent and Publisher session. UEA’s own Claire Hynes alongside Jess Frank-Keyes and Andrew Clavane will be speaking about journalism and how a career in journalism looks like in 2019. They will be sharing career stories and offer ideas about where and how to get started.

A lot of the sessions revolve around creativity, ranging from Creating Content and SEO to Creative Collaborations. It is important to note that the conference is not restricted to those in schools such as LDC, HUM, AMA etc – there are also sessions on Games (running your own studio) as well as Political and Persuasive Writing/Radical Words about how Political stories are covered in the media.

The Working With Words Conference is one to not miss and will provide valuable information about beginning careers in the Creative Industries.

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