You (tv series) – 23/01/19

The type of relationship between Joe and Beck in You is different than most other Netflix TV series. Joe takes on an obsessive role, constantly questioning her actions and intervening in her relationships with her friends and her ex-boyfriend. The intense emotion displayed in You is not one of love, but of infatuation. Joe simply cannot get enough of Beck and her life and will stop at nothing to be a part of it.

You has faced a lot of criticism surrounding the idea that Joe is simply acting out of love and his irrational behaviour is nothing to be concerned about. It is extremely important to emphasise that Joe’s obsession with Beck and his stalking of her is not normal behaviour in a romantic relationship and we have to be careful not to romanticise the abusive and intrusive relationship that Beck and Joe have. The show makes you realise that the pair’s relationship is unhealthy and therefore it is quite crafty in making you aware of how problematic it is, almost serving as a warning to the audience.

The fascination that Joe holds for Beck is shared with audience, you question her actions alongside him, understanding his curiosity and frustration. The journey you undertake when watching creates a deep insight into the couple’s life and is clever in showing the highs and lows of their relationship.  The show is gripping, entertaining and definitely binge worthy.

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