Florals for spring: are they groundbreaking? – 26/03/19

We’re on the brink of a change in season, so its time to shake up our style. Out with the heavy woollen jumpers and in with light and floating fabrics. However, how should we dress for spring? Florals are repeat offenders and seem to come back each year. I never think florals will leave our wardrobe, but designs are changing from lighter and whiter colour palettes made up of mostly pastel colours into being loud and bright. Change that pastel pink for a bright red. Swap the small print for a larger one. It’s time to subtly shake your style up, especially when it comes to floral.

Recently, monochrome has taken over the rails.  I’m expecting a lot of black and white floral prints this season, maybe with a touch of blue or red to accentuate the pattern. Coming into spring there will be a shift in florals, polka dots, plaid and stripes will become firm favourites but also animal prints are a good way to mix up traditional patterns this season.

Florals are very versatile and are suitable for both casual dress but also for the workplace. A floral print bringing in either monochrome or minimal colours on a work shirt of even a dress can look very smart when paired with complimentary accessories.

Florals are usually associated with being delicate, however the image of a modern woman is shifting, and now we need to show this by what we wear.

Alongside the increase in popularity of plaid styles dresses and skirts, polka dot hit the winter season by storm and I expect it to stay. I’ve seen it everywhere – on dresses, skirts and trousers but also all over our accessories in the form of rucksacks, handbags and shoes. Polka dots have always been a firm favourite of mine, and I’m glad that now I have a wide variety of garments, colours and styles to choose from in stores. Large dots make a statement and are quite funky, especially when the print is a bright colour with either white or black paired with it.

Another firm favourite of mine is stripes. I love them. Vertical or horizonal, give me them all. They’re good for work but also a way to spice up your otherwise plain outfit. Pinstripe paperbag trousers are everywhere on campus recently, paired with a plain roll neck top or long-sleeved t-shirt, this style can take you into spring. Especially now the climate is changing constantly from chilly to warm, this kind of outfit covers your back whilst simultaneously providing style.

Another pattern that I have seen increasingly over the last few months is animal prints. I’ve seen both zebra and cheetah all over my social media feeds and in a variety of colours. Animal print coords are becoming increasingly popular and would certainly make you stand out for the right reasons on a night out. Coords also enable you to take a denim jacket out with you without compromising your style or having to queue up to take you coat to the cloak room. A winning idea by any stretch.

Whatever your styles, there is a pattern out there for you, whether its floral, dots, stripes or animal. It’s time to shake your wardrobe up now we’re heading into spring.

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