Student beans survey reveals extent of financial assistance offered to students – 12/03/19

A survey has been conducted on how much financial assistance university students receive from their parents. When comparing the amount of support students receive, looking at each university, UEA came middle of the pack at £250 per month. The highest financial hand out is shown to be for students attending Durham University, the average student receiving £500 per month, with Cardiff receiving the lowest at £25.

The financial assistance given by parents could be classed as anything from rent payments to food shops. Student Beans revealed that on average students received £3000 a year from their parents. The survey shows that Universities such as Durham, Exeter and Cambridge received the most financial support from their parents, whilst universities such as Cardiff receive the lowest amount of £25 per month. Midlands based university Nottingham Trent and The University of Liverpool receive the second lowest amounts of £50 per month.

In addition to looking at which university receives the most financial support, Student Beans also looked at where the student’s parents reside. The difference between the financial support that some university students receive compared to others could be linked to where their parents live, the Students Beans survey indicated that there is a correlation between to geographical location of where you live and how much financial assistance you receive. Student Beans found that parents from the South East and South West were the biggest contributors to their children’s pockets, giving on average between £450-400 on average. Parents from areas like East Anglia and the Midlands were reported to give their children the least in comparison, of £50. The difference between the financial assistance received by students across the country is massive and definitely correlates with where your parents live.

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