Employers aren’t scary, they were once in our shoes – student blog

via Employers aren’t scary, they were once in our shoes – student blog

As a student, it is hard to think outside of our university bubble. Attending various employer events through CareerCentral helped me gain some much-needed perspective about the qualities employers look for in graduates.

Something I’ve learnt after attending networking events and mentoring mixers is that confidence is key. Attending employer events such as the mentoring mixers and the Working with Words conference helped me to recognise that not too long ago these extraordinary professionals were like me – I realised that employers aren’t scary, they were once in our shoes.

Things to remember when job hunting:

You know more than you think!

When job hunting, it’s important to have faith in yourself. During the employer events, I had so many interesting conversations with a range of professionals. It allowed me to reflect and realise that as university students we should be confident in our abilities. We know how to manage our time, problem solve and keep organised. These skills accompany our degrees, however I also realised that we’re not expected to have all the answers – we just need to be enthusiastic and passionate about the work we do and the role we go into.

Be creative

In addition to being enthusiastic, I realised that what most employers are looking for in a graduate is creativity. They want us to bring fresh new ideas and be excited about the work in which we are doing. If you can’t hold yourself together well or come across as intimidated or nervous then employers are less likely to speak to you as it translates that we are not confident about ourselves or our skills.

Events are worth your time!

One event that I found extremely beneficial was ‘Café Conversations’, I attended the event last autumn and was greeted with smiling faces and boxes of pizza. I had the chance to meet several employers all from different professional sectors and ask them questions about how they got into their chosen field after graduating from university. Attending the event was a great way to connect with a variety of employers and make good first impressions. This will become essential as I come to look for a graduate job in the coming months.

I also met students from all different faculties at the event – it was great to meet new people and chat about what other kinds of events they had attended and what they felt they had got out of them. After having attended quite a few events, it was clear that every student felt that career central’s employer events were helping them to grow and become better candidates for graduate jobs and schemes.

Additionally, it helped me to feel like I had a grip on my career and how employable I was. So many students worry about where the world will take them after university and attending all of the different events that career central have run has helped me to realise where I want to go, but also how I’m best getting there.

When it comes to attending events with employers, it is important to remember to be yourself and to be confident in your abilities. Meeting with various professionals from different sectors can help you to become more confident and know how best to present yourself.

Written by Jessica Barrett, third year English Literature student

Are you inspired by Jessica’s article? Check out our other upcoming employer events to find the right one for you!

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