Decluttering and storage hacks – 09/09/2019 (Blog on behalf of Bidwells LLP)

We live in an age where not everything is made to last, we are encouraged to buy more, spend more – but throw less away. We are a nation of hoarders and it’s time to take action.

One trend that is hitting the nation’s homes this year is decluttering. We don’t need to wait for a spring clean any longer, decluttering can occur all year round. Clear your home of items you no longer use or donate them to a good cause.

One way to prevent you from cluttering up your house is to use clever storage and space effectively. One crafty way to keep on top of your storage without boxes stacking up within your house is to buy furniture with storage facilities hidden away.  Beds and couches with hidden draws and compartments enable you to store items without cluttering your house. Out of sight out of mind.

Re-organising your space and possessions also gives you the opportunity to clear unwanted clutter out of your home. Providing that your items are of good quality, donating them to hospices and charities is a great way to have a positive impact upon the community in addition to helping you have a clear out.

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