How to find the right balance between your office and you spare room – 02/12/19 (Blog on behalf of Bidwells LLP)

In this blog, we’re tackling the age-old question of, ‘office or guest room?’

Most first-time buyers are left disheartened when they can’t get exactly what they want in their first home due to restrictive budgets. We have to be crafty and clever with how we use the available space, by adapting rooms to be multipurpose but still functional.

In the case of the guest room/office space, we have to strike the balance between finding a space to work from home and having a spare bed for when a guest pops over. Combining the two rooms might appear to be a challenge too big to handle. However, furniture that is multipurpose might be where the answer lies.  It may appear to be a simple solution but buying a sofa bed is a great way to provide a space for guests to sleep without having to dedicate the majority of floor space to a bed.

A sofa is a great addition to office space, allowing you to have an additional place to work that isn’t solely at a desk. Another great way to combine a desk and storage space is to have shelves/draws that can convert into a desk.

One creative way to have a dual-purpose room is to have a Folding Wall bed, a bed that lies adjacent to your wall. This crafty contraption allows you to have your bed readily prepared for guests. but can be swiftly out of sight when you need to crack on with your work. It’s the perfect solution for you and your multipurpose room. Next time you or a friend is confronted with the choice between the office and guest room – don’t despair! Have the best of both worlds by being clever with your furniture and storage.

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