The case for houseplants – 17/09/19

Houseplants have hit student accommodation by storm and seem to be on almost every window sill or bookshelf. Whatever shape, colour or size, there is an option out there suitable for everyone. They are aesthetically pleasing, inexpensive, and require little maintenance. Houseplants are also another way for you to personalise your uni room and look great alongside your photo frames and fairy lights.

In addition to looking pretty in their colourful and funky pots, you can buy succulents and plants that smell amazing. The benefits continue because houseplants help to purify the air, by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Research conducted by NASA states that houseplants can eliminate up to 87% of air toxins in the course of one day. Separate studies have proven that houseplants can help you to concentrate and feel calm and productive, making them the perfect addition to your study space.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to look after a houseplant – most succulents only need watering every week or so, and cacti require watering even less. Succulents are the perfect beginners plant as they are also suited to most environments, but be careful you don’t overwater them, as excess stagnant water can cause the plant to die.

Many would think that houseplants could be have a down side – most plants release carbon dioxide when photosynthesis stops during the night. However, orchids and succulents are unlike other plants and continuously release oxygen throughout the day, further proving that succulents are an amazing feature in any bedroom.

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