Art Titles: Violin and Sheet Music by Georges Braque – 08/10/19

At first, I thought that art titles aren’t very important. Most people forget what the piece is called and end up describing what they can see instead. However, when I started thinking about more than just real-life art, and cast a lens on conceptual art, it is clear that art titles are important. Most of Georges Braque’s work is made up of the same colour palettes: grey, brown and black. Most of his work is difficult to make out and distinguish so the titles of the art are one of the only things that can help you to understand them.

For example, Braque’s ‘Violin and Sheet Music’ is a conceptual piece, each aspect of the violin is pulled apart and is indistinguishable, therefore the information provided in the title in vital in understanding and consequently appreciating the piece of art. The information provided in the title ‘Violin and Sheet Music’ allows you to link together the disjointed and abstract elements of the painting and further imagine that Braque is recreating a scene, a performance instead of the art work being seen as static and still.

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