GLOW review – 17/09/19

GLOW portrays an exciting and colourful story about the rise of female wrestling, filled with scandal, misogyny and heartache. The show has recently released its third series and it is clear that the plot line is becoming more outrageous in order to keep its audience entertained.

This series is drama filled. Ruth and Debbie continue to fight between friendship and hatred whilst playing ‘Zoya the Destroyer’ and ‘Liberty Bell’. In a series of shock twists, Ruth falls in love with the slightly gross producer and director Sam, and Arthie declares her love for Yolanda, coming out in an emotional scene about self-discovery and finding courage. The show features a storyline revealing the combined hatred and support of HIV and AIDs. GLOW may appear to be superficial and comical at first glance, but it confronts serious issues that affected society in the 1980’s such as gay rights, HIV and AIDs, unwanted pregnancy, prostitution and drug addiction. It’s a show that will make you laugh, make you cry and let you marvel at the strength of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!

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