Snakebites, how they’re biting students back – 08/10/19

Snakebites, more commonly referred to as ‘snakey bs’, are a favourite tipple amongst the UEA student population. Whether you order a snake bite to sip on in the square or to down in the LCR, they are a student staple.

It may seem dramatic, but campus consensus is that the mix between beer and cider with a splash of blackcurrant takes the form of an elixir on the tongue.  Will the new price act as a deterrent for student drinking culture? Probably not. But one thing is for certain, students are frustrated.

Drinks in the SU bar have increased in price. Snakebites now set you back £2.70 – you can no longer get two drinks for a fiver. Although the majority of students might not mind that it now costs them more to buy a snakebite, for many that extra 20p will add up. For comparison; it is four pages of printing in the library.

The amount of student finance several students have received has decreased this academic year. Every penny counts. Snakebites are famed for being an affordable, and delicious, beverage option for the student community. Yes, they are still comparatively cheaper than most options at the bar, but snakebites are widely considered to be the old reliable drink option, the change in price might lead to students shaking up their tipple of choice to see if they might get more for their buck elsewhere.

The chosen cider to go into a snakebite has changed from Somersby to Magners and students are not happy, student Lee Casey stated: “for me it’s completely changed the taste of a snakebite and prices for other drinks have increased so now I don’t think I’ll buy as many drinks at the bar.”

Third year student Ellie Robson commented on the rise in bar prices, she remarked: “the rise in prices at the SU bar was unexpected. It took me back. I was looking forward to returning to uni but this has put a dampener on my university experience. Honestly I’m quite shocked that the raise in prices wasn’t widely advertised.”

Drinking at the student bar has become more expensive with the increase in the drink’s price, in addition to the raised deposit for the reusable cups. Even if we get a refund for our disposable cup, the process of paying £1 per cup makes a deep dent in our wallets.

The increase in cup deposit might not seem to be significant, however many intoxicated LCR visitors often throw their cups on the floor as they do not want to hold onto them the whole night. In this case, every drink will cost them one pound extra.

Student culture is often associated with casual and regular drinking. The increased expense for this student pastime might act as a deterrent for casual drinking, or perhaps encourage students to buy alcohol from the shop on campus instead when they want to sit in the square on a sunny afternoon.

Snakebites are an element of UEA’s student culture, and now they are biting student’s back.

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