Spending less to travel more – 22/10/19

Travelling the world is something that everyone aspires to do. One of the largest obstructions is having enough money.

Quite a few of my friends save up the money and cheques they are gifted at Christmas in order to travel during the summer. This is a great use of your money, rather than splurging that money on extra clothes or coffees. In fact, your relatives probably prefer you using that money for a permanent memory that you will treasure for the rest of your life rather than a temporary treat.

One way of paying for your travels that I would discourage is using your student loan. This money will have to be paid back eventually and is best used for your rent or grocery shopping.

A tip that I have for anyone wanting to save some money quickly is to put aside any five-pound notes you receive as change. It’s relatively easy to build up a stack of notes quite quickly. For me, I quite like seeing a visual build-up of money to inspire me to keep on saving. It’s easy these days to deposit your cash into the nearest bank or post office, and then use the cash to purchase your flight tickets or accommodation.

I am guilty of buying quite a few coffees and lunches on campus, especially now I’m spending more time in the media office working. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has fallen into the meal deal cycle or drinking my daily coffee. Making lunch at home and bringing it onto campus is a great way to save a few pounds a day. If you want to take this a step further you could transfer the money that you would have spent on food or coffee into a separate bank account. Sit back and watch it grow.

A member of my family once gave me a great piece of advice for anticipating how much you will spend whilst on holiday. The prediction is that you will spend £100 per day of your holiday. For example, if you’re away for 5 days, that will set you back £500. The £500 includes flights, accommodation, attractions in addition to the delicious food and drinks that you will purchase whilst you’re away. Using this as a guide also inspires me to search around to find the right price for my accommodation and flights.

Websites that offer bundle deals such as Skyscanner or even Eurostar are also a great way to save some money, and are less hassle when arranging your trip.

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