The death of the DVD – 08/10/19

In the last decade society has shifted from having DVD’s lining the shelves of TV cabinets and bookcases, to streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime dominating the film and television industry.

DVDs were a phenomenon when they were first invented and changed the shape of both the television and film industries. Unlike CD’s, the Digital Versatile Disk has a larger storage capacity, the perfect place to store a film. DVD video players were released for sale in 1997.

History is only repeating itself with DVDs being taken over by Netflix; DVDs preceded Video tapes. VHS were developed in the early 1970’s and released to the United States in 1977. Video recording was an essential element of the television industry through the commercialisation of video tape recorders.

The death of the DVD is clear. In 2017, the number of DVDs sold in the high-street fell by 23.5%, with Blu-Ray disks only marginally better with a fall of 12%. DVDs are seen as a waste of space at home, but also aren’t sustainable. Streaming sites are an environmentally friendly and space saving alternative.

One of the few benefits DVDs have over streaming sites is that Films and TV series are usually only uploaded to the streaming site after it has been released in physical DVD form. However, I believe that this benefit will soon become void due to the rise of streaming sites producing their own original films and TV series. Netflix have released hit programmes such as House of Cards, Narcos and Orange is the New Black.

The rise of Netflix has taken place over the last few years. Netflix now has around 150 million paying subscribers. Their content ranges from films to documentaries and television series. It is safe to say that it caters for all; children, teens and grandparents can find something of interest to stream. Netflix is so much more versatile than DVDs. Portable DVD players are no match for your tablet or phone. Having the Netflix app downloaded on your devices also enables you to download any content you choose to watch when you don’t have internet available to you. It’s the perfect solution to long flights or train journeys.

It is clear that both the television and film industry are constantly evolving, especially in regard to their platforms and technology use. So, what’s in store for the instant video streaming giants Netflix? Will they face the same fate as their predecessors VHS and DVD or will they remain ever popular?

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