Wellbeing group aims to tackle mental health on campus – 08/10/19

The UEA Wellbeing Interest Network (WIN) have organised an event to address the possibilities of creating a healthier culture at UEA. WIN has organised this discussion following the document called ‘We Will Be Heard’ which the UEA’s Student Union published last academic year. WIN also encourages everyone studying and working at UEA to engage with their discussion and to help make a difference. The UEA WIN organisers believe that issues and concerns raised in We Will Be Heard published by the Student Union echoes sentiments felt across campus among professional services staff, academics, and UEA students.

This community discussion event will take place on Wednesday, October 9th from 2-3.30 pm in the Drama Studio opposite Union House. The event will be chaired by Alison Donnell (Professor of Modern Literatures in English) and hosted by Nick Walsh (Lecturer in Developmental Psychology), Dana Unger (Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour) and Felix Naughton (Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology). The event has been organised in the hopes that it will create a public sphere or a citizen’s assembly, where the wellbeing issues affecting UEA will be discussed. WIN has also acknowledged that they don’t hold the answers to the complex issues UEA is continuing to face with each academic year but believe the discussion will aid awareness of the multifaceted and complicated issues the UEA community experiences. Following the event, a list of topics will be sent to relevant individuals and working groups at UEA who have the power to effect change and will request for suggestions of follow-up events and actions.

The initiative has also set out to increase understanding and enhance social connection surrounding wellbeing at UEA. In addition to the discussion, WIN created a Spotify playlist to help promote creativity. The playlist is entitled ‘Making UEA a better place’ and WIN invites others to add their own feel-good tracks to it.

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