These boots are made for walking – 22/10/19

We are now firmly into the Autumn, and many are faced with the dilemma of what footwear to sport around campus. Trainers certainly aren’t waterproof enough and wearing walking boots is simply unfashionable. Don’t despair and look no further than the trusted Chelsea boot.

It is safe to say that the Chelsea boot is one of the most quintessential British looks. The boots have been popular since the Victorian era and are now worn by almost everyone. J. Sparkes-Hall designed the first Chelsea boot; he was a cobbler to Queen Victoria. To begin with, Chelsea boots were known as ‘Paddock boots’ because they were useful for walking and riding. Now they are considered to be one of the most versatile and timeless pieces of footwear around. In the 1960’s the boots were also favoured by members of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

The boot is often available in a variety of materials but most commonly in suede and leather. They are perfect when matched with a pair of skinny jeans or paper bag trousers. Thick tights and a long flowing dress are also a good combination.  Chelsea boots are also great to wear in the office as they strike the seamless balance between being smart, yet comfortable. But perhaps most importantly, they will protect your feet from the cold and wet autumn weather.

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