An Amster-damn good weekend – 28/01/20

Both times I have been to Amsterdam it has rained, however during my trip in early January, the rain was accompanied by wind and fog. Although we had not been given the best weather for our city break, myself and my boyfriend thoroughly enjoyed our stay. It was my partner’s first time in the famous city and I rather enjoyed playing tour guide.

Prior to the trip, we had booked most of the must-see attraction such as the Anne Frank haus, A’DAM Lookout and the Van Gogh museum. I would strongly advise anyone going to a busy city to book anything you really want to do, it makes the trip so much less stressful knowing you have to be at a certain place at a scheduled time. Sometimes when you’re on holiday it is easy to lose track of time, especially when you’re having fun walking around and exploring your city. Paying for appointments is a sure way to organise yourself whilst away. Another benefit to booking your tours and trips is ensuring that you are able to go and see what you want to, as a lot of these attractions are overbooked. In Amsterdam we would have had to queue for hours if we had not booked our tour in advance.

Another amazing aspect to our trip was the amazing bars we visited during the nighttime. Our hotel was situated underneath the famous Sky Bar. The bar was filled with giant blue balloons in various shades which added to the atmosphere within the room. The drinks were delicious and presented beautifully in funky ceramic glasses, however they were expensive at just under 20 euros each. The next night we went to an amazing, small and intimate bar called The Flying Dutchman; their cocktails were delicious and included liquors I had never heard of before. My boyfriend got their whisky platter which came with Coca Cola’s signature Smoky flavour. We made friends with some people on a date next to us, one of them lived in Amsterdam and recommended that we go to this bar at the top of the W Hotel complex. We didn’t have another night in Amsterdam so decided we would go there around lunch time the next day; their drinks were expensive again with a Heineken costing around five euros however the view was amazing. They had a real log fire pit in the centre of the bar’s entrance and had some modern art placed starkly within the seating.

The best element of our trip was something that we stumbled upon by accident, we were walking along the canals near the Anne Frank house when we saw a dozen cats inside of a boat. We found out it was a sanctuary and it was free to go in so we spent around 15 minutes stroking cats. We had planned to go to a Cat Café, but this was miles better as were able to donate and directly improve the quality of life of the cats, rather than contributing to a larger business.

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