The decline of mobile gaming? – 28/01/20

I remember a time when 2048 was all that was on everyone’s phone screens, when Flappy Bird hit the nation by storm and lastly when Angry Birds consumed conversation at school. It is key to emphasise that these games are a distant memory for me, they are no longer a part of my life and we rarely talk about them anymore.

It appears to be that with the rise of social media applications, any apps and games that were popular in the last decade have taken a plunge in popularity. I used to wait at the bus stop and play Two Dots, now I scroll through my Instagram feed. Is this change reflection of my vanity and pride or does it point to how the nation’s priorities have changed? It appears society has shifted and the public are now more interested in other people’s lives rather than having fun playing a game on their phone or tablet.

Out of the 77 apps on my phone, only one is a game. I think this is reflective of how gaming has shifted from being extremely accessible, portable and flexible to being something that is now associated with being a sit-down activity which is scheduled into your daily routine. Last week I was trying to arrange a meet up with a friend but couldn’t make the time I suggested because those two hours conflicted with when they played Fortnite. It seems there is no place for 2048 on your phone when you can have Fortnite on your Xbox. Gaming has shifted from being something to do on your phone when you’re bored and have a spare few minutes to something that you schedule in your daily routine in order to help you to unwind and relax.

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