Lecture Capture technology is introduced on campus – 10/03/20

Catering for students with invisible disabilities is an ongoing issue at UEA, with more students requiring lecture capture technology in order to assist them with their studies. The process of setting up lecture capture technology at UEA has been ongoing for many years. Both Jenna Chapman and Callum Perry (Undergraduate education officers for the last two years respectively), have petitioned the university in order to opt in to the technology.

Callum Perry, current Undergraduate Education Officer at the student’s union stated, “For years uea(su) has been advocating for the introduction of lecture capture. A system which allows you to revisit content and begin to think about different ways of accessing learning in visual and audio styles. We have been working on getting this over the line, and now finally I am excited to say that the first phase has been introduced, as of 2nd March 2020.”

“This system will help to increase the accessibility of learning for students that might have access needs, or who might be distance learners. This also helps to drive forward the vision for making learning more innovative and exciting for all students across campus. There are some key things to know. Firstly, is that the implementation has happened in 50 rooms across campus. This means equipment is readily available to capture the screen content and lecturer’s voice. The policy is currently an opt-in. This means that lecturers can choose whether or not to use it, but I would encourage all students to talk to their course reps to encourage staff to use the equipment. I have released two blogs around lecture capture. The most recent one details important information around the new technology.”

“We have good take-up from across all faculties. Uea(su) is incredibly supportive of the UEA’s progress on this, and we want to work towards a full installation by September, and the move to an opt-out process for all staff. This is because we truly believe that this system will help to make learning more accessible, innovative and flexible for all student learners.”

It is clear that every student at university has different needs, and the introduction of lecture capture at UEA is imperatively important in providing students with the facilities they need so that they can complete their studies to the best of their ability. It is fantastic to see that the university is taking steps in order to assist the learning of their students, I hope that many seminars and lecturers opt in to use the technology as this will positively impact so many different students’ educational experience, and consequently positively impact their wellbeing – which is such a prevalent issue on campus at the moment.

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