Music Highlights of the Year: Blossoms – what a blooming good time! – 19/05/2020

One of my most treasured memories from before lockdown was a Blossoms concert in the LCR. Since seeing the band perform on their last tour, I became an avid listener of the band. I loved their EP, ‘Girlfriend’, and listened to ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ on repeat when it was released.  I remember constantly refreshing the LCR’s booking page when tickets were released for their 2020 tour. The gig was something I had been looking forward to for months.

One of things that made the evening so special was that I was with people I cared about. Since I was 14, I’ve been to over 50 music gigs. I am enthusiastic about music and everything about it, from merch, CDs, and vinyl. However, apart from attending most of my earlier concerts with my dad (who has an incredible music taste), I’ve attended most concerts by myself. Being on my own has its perks, I can wiggle my way through the crowd to find a good space in the crowd, stay as long as I like, arrive as late as I like and dance like nobody’s watching.

However, going solo has seemingly allowed me to develop bad habits. I usually only turn up for the main act because more often than not, the support acts are rubbish in comparison to the more successful headliner. However, after having a group meal and a cheeky drink before we travelled to campus, I realised I really enjoyed hyping up the gig with my friends. The excitement we all held was amazing and it heightened my mood. The Magic Gang supported Blossoms, who I had just seen at the Wild Paths music festival a few months before. For one of the first times, I enjoyed the supporting act – perhaps I won’t be so judgmental in the future.

During the gig, I could see my friends mouth the words and sway along to the music. I felt odd, complete even. Attending concerts is something I have always considered to be my thing, my niche passion, but enjoying it with others made me insanely happy. Yes, it could have been the gins and snakebites I had drunk, but it was one of the best evenings of my life. Blossoms as a band are only just starting out in their successful career, and I can’t wait to make more happy memories listening to their music.

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