Oh, the sunny square and snakebites – 19/05/2020

It’s the middle of May, I’ve finished my degree and handed over my beloved paper to very capable people. Officially, I’ve finished my time at uni. I’m not going to lie; I feel very deflated. Handing in my last piece of coursework felt anti-climactic, I was expecting to feel relived but now I find myself getting progressively bored. I should have been sitting in the sunny square, sipping on snakebites. Instead, I’m sat in my garden drinking my fifth cup of coffee for the day.

Although we haven’t gone out with a bang, Concrete has been the best thing about my university experience. Not only have I grown as a person, but I have expanded the amount of skills I have under my belt, and now feel more prepared than ever to start my career in marketing and PR.

UEA will always be very close to my heart, it has taught me many life lessons and also made me recognise that I need to let go and have fun once in a while. When I think back to my time at UEA, I always seem to remember barbeques by the lake, playing pool in the bar and laughing in the media office. Having memories like this help to put a smile on your face, these memories are vital in making our university experience extraordinary. Especially when you are drowning in deadlines and feeling down, remembering the good times we’ve had is such a good way to motivate yourself to work hard and apply yourself to your studies.

I’m so thankful I made the decision to come to UEA, to join this society and represent the student community. I’m so grateful for the memories I’ve created and the friends I have made. UEA is truly wonderful.

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