Sewing, a rediscovered gem – 05/05/2020

Lockdown has inspired me to pick up my felt, fabric and thread so I could start sewing after not having done any for the last four years.

Before I came to university, I used to make animals out of felt, and sometimes I would make keyrings out of them to sell in my village Christmas market. But since coming to university, I’ve always felt guilty for taking time out of my day to sit down and do something crafty. Luckily, lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity to strike a balance between writing my essays and sewing until my heart’s content.

I’ve made Christmas robins, cows, sheep… you name it, and I’ve probably made it! I plan on making Christmas decorations and appliqueing them with sequins and beads to make them special, and worth the hours of time it will take to make!

Sewing, felting and practising embroidery have helped my mental health immensely while in lockdown. Not only have I felt productive, but it’s made the time go by quickly. It helps that everything I make looks cute and makes me feel confident about my sewing abilities!

Crafting has not only helped me, but it has also put a smile on my family’s faces. Previously I’ve made keyrings for my grandma, one resembling each of her grandchildren, I’ve also made my cousin a felt teddy bear with some beads for her eyes. In quarantine, I’ve made my boyfriend keyrings, which I’ve sprayed with perfume. I hope that giving thoughtful presents which have been made by me, shows the people I love that I care about them.

So, if you don’t have anything other than your essays to keep you occupied, I would definitely recommend taking up a craft, whether it is sewing like me, knitting, drawing or even pottery, the lockdown has gifted us endless creative possibilities.

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