Recent English Literature graduate from UEA.

Currently working as a Content Marketer and Freelance Journalist since completing my university coursework. Experience in content writing, marketing, PR and journalism. I have work published in Concrete UEA’s Student Newspaper, the Cambridge Independent, Velvet, IQ Magazine, NewGrad, Fuzzy Magazine, Student Publication Association Magazine.

I am the outgoing Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Concrete UEA’s Student Newspaper, the publication was nominated ‘Best Publication’ and six other awards for the Student Publication Association 2020. Additionally, Concrete received ‘Best Student Programme’ from BBC Radio 4, coming runner up for ‘Best Student Publication’ 2019.

I am a previous Features Senior Writer for Concrete, UEA’s Student Newspaper, whilst in the post I was shortlisted as ‘Best Feature’ for a national award by the Student Publication Association 2019.

More recently, I recieved ‘Media Honours’ in the Student Transformation Awards and Recognitions 2020 for my work in student journalism and media.

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